Eve and Adam

Pretty much everyone, whether religious or not, is familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, and the fall of man.

God makes beautiful garden. God creates Adam to live in garden. God creates Eve to be Adam’s companion in garden. God forbids Adam to eat from the tree that contains ‘the fruit of knowledge of good and evil’. A serpent tricks Eve into eating the fruit. Eve gives some of the fruit to Adam. Adam and Eve wear clothes. God banishes the pair from the garden.

Upon being forced from the Utopian garden of Eden, Adam is punished through mortality and Eve is forced to feel the pain of childbirth, and her husband will always rule over her.

From this point on, women have been deemed inferior and subservient to men. All because Eve was supposedly tricked into eating the fruit. But while Eve was tricked, Adam readily accepted the forbidden fruit from Eve, so, to an extent, did Eve have power over Adam? Did Woman force knowledge and defiance onto Man? Is that why She must now be subordinate?

While in the Bible, Adam and Eve were never forgiven, in the Qurʼan, Adam wept for forty days, and God forgave him and Eve. But despite this forgiveness, women are still dominated by men, perhaps more prominently in the Islam faith, through the wearing of the Hijab.

Whether Eve ate the fruit first or not, surely God, in all his omnipresence, knew that Eve did not eat it out of disobedience, but she ate it because she was tricked. Is Woman being eternally punished for the misdeeds of the serpent? And could the fall of woman be seen to be far greater than the fall of man?


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