Makeup Favourites 2016


MUA Undress Your Skin highlighters – £3 each

I have loved MUA for a long time. Their super affordable eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks were some of my first ever makeup products. 2016 has really been their year, with many new releases and a huge spike in popularity. I own a product for pretty much every part of my face from MUA (foundation, highlighter, cream highlighter, eyeshadow, eye liner and lipstick) but my all-time favourite product (so far) from MUA is their powder highlights.

I own 2 MUA Undress Your Skin highlighters (out of a possible 3, I think), in the shades iridescent gold and pink shimmer. I have used many gold highlights before, but iridescent gold stands out for me due to its intensity! At first, you really need to pack on these products as they have a tough layer to break through, which can at first make them seem unpigmented. However, once you get past this tough layer, these incredibly affordable highlights are very pigmented. Pink shimmer was my first pink toned highlight and I absolutely love it; it is such a light, pretty, pink which is clearly highlighter, rather than coming across like blush.

For me, 2016 has been the year of the highlight, and as such, it is no surprise that my favourite MUA highlights make this list!


I ♡ Makeup- I ♡ Chocolate palette – £7.99

This palette consists of 16 shades, including two highlights (one matte and one shimmer) and a range of matte and shimmery shades. This was the first chocolate palette produced by I ♡ Makeup (the sister brand of Makeup Revolution) and is an exact dupe of the high end Too Faced chocolate bar palette.

Apart from lacking the Too Faced chocolate scent, the shades in this palette are almost identical to those in the more expensive palette. The quality of the eyeshadow is amazing for the price, with the colours coming across as very pigmenting and lasting the whole day.

The shades in this palette are very versatile, ranging from dark greens and khakis, to purple and burgundy, and a really pretty light pink in the centre of the palette. This allows for a range of original looks to be created which is why this palette makes it in to my best of 2016 list!


Barry M Brow Kit- £5.99

Barry M is one of my all-time favourite brands, not just because of their high quality yet affordable products but also because of their well-publicised cruelty free status. This brow kit is my favourite eyebrow product and consists of wax, a dark shade for the brows and a matte highlighter.

This kit contains everything your eyebrows could need and the packaging makes it perfect for travelling. I’ve had this kit for longer than I can remember and, despite looking a little worse for wear, it lasts for so long! If you’re looking for a reliable, easy to use brow product, look no further.


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