Superdrug skin care

I have to admit, i am not really one for expensive skin care products. Or skin care products at all really.

This year i want to spend more time looking after myself. While this includes saying ‘no’ to the things i don’t want to do and committing more to improving my health and fitness, this resolution also includes skin care.

When i was younger i had such a good, consistent skin care routine (using mainly boots’ tea tree and witch hazel range) until i reached about year 10. Then, due to events at the time, skin care, and all self care, became much less of a priority. The start of a new term at uni provided the perfect opportunity for me to build up a better skin care routine.

About two weeks ago i set about trying to find a new moisturiser. I didn’t really know where to begin as i haven’t used one regularly for so long, but when walking past Superdrug i recalled that all their own products are cruelty free (something i want to get a lot more strict with)!

From the Superdrug ‘tea tree skincare’ range i bought a pink grapefruit facial wash and daily facial mousturiser. After using these products for two weeks i can confirm that i absolutely love them! The facial wash smells amazing and leaves my skin glowing, and the moisturiser leaves my skin feeling so smooth for the entire day. The moisturiser also acts as an amazing base for makeup! These affordable products are really high quality and i have noticed a difference in my skin already.

I’m pretty sure both of these products cost £3.29 each, but when i bought them it was 2 for £5 on all superdrug skincare (yay!).

I have to admit, my favourite thing about these products is the packaging. I bought the facial wash pretty much because of the lovely pink packaging, and the mousturiser is so compact. Both products clearly display the leaping bunny logo on the back, state that ‘superdrug is against animal testing’ and both products are clearly labelled suitable for vegetarians and vegans. What more could you ask for?

What are you waiting for? You are hereby excused to get to Superdrug at your earliest convenience (aka right now).


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