Primark winter favourites

As the mornings and evenings begin to get ever so slightly lighter and we can begin to look forward to wearing short sleeves again, i thought i’d do a quick round up of my favourite winter items from Primark.

This year, for the first time in my life, i voluntarily bought a hat. My mum loves hats and bought me some pretty ridiculous ones throughout childhood, so i’ve never been much of a fan. But this year i chose warmth, and it was such a good decision! My pink hat has become a permanent resident in my handbag so i am never without it. Sad story: i actually bought a hat, lost the hat, and had to rebuy it again but at £2 each it wasn’t much of a disaster! And in keeping with the pink theme, i of course bought a matching scarf which i have also grown very attached too.

It has become a sort of annual thing for me to buy boots just after Christmas. For Christmas i got a £20 Primark voucher and used it to get these adorable brown ankle boots (Reduced from £18 to just £5!). Despite getting them in size 4, these are a little big for me so i typically wear them with thick fluffy socks, which, lets be honest, just improves the overall experience of anything.

It wouldn’t be winter without primark fluffy socks! These are amazing gift ideas and life savors on cold evenings. I got this two pack for just £1.70.

This unicorn hot water bottle has definitely been one of my favourite items this winter, although it was bought for me as a present back in September, before i went to uni. I don’t use water bottles that much but this little unicorn is too cute to resist!

Finally, honourary mention must go to one of my all time favourite primark buys: the grey throw used in the back of my photos. Moving to uni and away from the comfort of my electric blanket was terrifying, but my throw has got me through all those cold nights.


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