Vegan essential haul

Going vegan in terms of food is a lot simpler than switching to vegan lifestyle products. While the ingredients on food are clearly listed (and recognizable), it is more difficult to judge whether or not cosmetic products are vegan. And, unlike with food, you’ve also got to keep track of which companies are cruelty free!

This can easily get extremely complex, but luckily many products are now labelled as vegan and an increasing number of completely vegan and organic brands are readily available. This haul contains 100% vegan everyday essentials on a student budget!

Luckily, York has the best Holland and Barrett that i have ever seen in my life (as well as the amazing health food shop Tullivers, which also stocks a wide range of natural beauty products). Even more fortunately, when i went in, Holland and Barrett had a massive buy one get one half price sale across all their products!

When i went vegan, certain items such as deodorant never seemed problematic to me. However, most hygiene products are unfortunately not vegan or cruelty free (depending on the brand), so i picked up this Faith in Nature deodorant stick. This fragrance free stick contains only ammonium alum so is completely natural and vegan. It is unlike any other deodorant i have used before but i can already tell that it is going to last longer than my usual roll on deodorant. This products cost just £3.85 (but i got it half price in the sale).

I also picked up some Dr Organic lavender hair conditioner (£5.59), as i normally neglect my hair. This product is also vegan, cruelty free and contains a minimum of 70% natural ingredients. The smell and colour are amazing and it has improved the texture of my hair so much after just one wash!

Superdrug is every vegan’s high street heaven. All of superdrug’s own brand products are leaping bunny certified, and most are vegan. My favourite thing about this super affordable range is that all products are clearly labelled as vegan or vegetarian. I picked up two essentials: antibacterial hand soap (£1.39), and acetone free nail varnish remover (£1.39). Also, due to their better than half price sale, i also picked up a cocoa butter and vanilla body lotion (£1.45) which smells AMAZING (and i can’t wait to try the superdrug vegan body butters from the same range!).

With the help of affordable brands such as superdrug, original source and treaclemoon, it is easier than ever to find a range of high quality vegan products. My aim is to replace my none vegan products with vegan ones as each runs out, and i am confident that this won’t be as much of a challenge as i first thought.



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