Products i used to HATE- foundation

MUA Skin Define matte perfect foundation- I bought this foundation because my previous foundation was L’Oréal (not cruelty free) and this product only costs £4. I typically really like MUA products (their highlighters and eyeshadows are to DIE for) but I found this product so disappointing at first.

The consistency is a lot thicker than my previous foundation and this was my main issue with this product. I normally apply foundation all over my face then blend it in using a blending brush. This did not work for this foundation! By the time I came to blend in the last of my foundation it had already set into an unblendable patch on my face. The shade I bought (natural ivory) is also way too dark for my skin tone.

However, the sheer power of my desire to love this product actually ended up making me love it! I persevered with this foundation, and now my opinion has completely changed. By applying the foundation to each part of my face then blending it straight away, before moving on to the next section, I have bypassed the problem caused by the consistency of this foundation. I have actually grown to love the thickness of this product since it provides a better coverage than others I have used despite the low cost.

My dissatisfaction for this product has turned in to admiration, and I have recently repurchased this foundation in a lighter shade (ivory) which actually matches my face! I would definitely recommend this foundation if you’re looking for something that’s affordable but still provides good coverage.


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