Affordable vegan- Aldi haul

But being vegan is really expensive, right? WRONG! I was always really hesitant to make the change because i expected going vegan to be really detrimental to my bank account, but it doesn’t have to be!

Aldi is such a popular, cheap supermarket in the UK (my mum even has a favourite branch!!!) but i don’t tend to find myself shopping there that often. While it is one of the most convenient supermarkets for me, i find that you just can’t get some of the things you’d find in Morrisons (tofu being one of them).

So i was surprised to find so many vegan options at Aldi!

I go to Aldi once every few weeks, primarily to stock up on long life soya milk, as at just 59p you won’t be able to find it much cheaper. Although i typically only use milk in porridge, so you can’t really taste the flavour, i haven’t noticed a difference between Aldi’s acti-leaf milk and branded soya milk.

It took me a while to get used to Adli’s falafel (it’s the only falafel i’ve tried) but their Mediterranean style falafel have become a staple sandwich filler for me! A pack of nine costs £1.29 and i get through them really slowly, so they work out really cheap (i currently have about 10 in the freezer, oops).

I have wanted to try Lentil crisps from Holland and Barrett for a while now, but have always been deterred by the price. I was so surprised to find these lentil curls in Aldi! This multipack of 6 cost just £1.19 and these will be great for a quick snack on the go! I got the flavour Thai Sweet Chilli (which i think is the only vegan flavour).

In stereotypical vegan fashion, i also use Aldi to stock up on Avocado and peanut butter. Although the avocado is not much cheaper than you’d find in other supermarkets, the loose ones are still a bargain at 95p each. Aldi also have smooth or crunchy peanut butter for 95p (shoutout to the man who got one off the shelf for me since i’m too little!).

It’s a common misconception that being vegan is expensive, but if you combine the money you save on expensive products such as cheese and meats, as well as the ever increasing market for affordable vegan food, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all!


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