MUR Ultra Cream Contour Palette Review

Makeup revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette- I have a love hate relationship with this palette. In fact, I have a love hate relationship with all cream contour products. I chose this palette as I wanted to try something other than powder for once, but I was not as impressed by this palette as I thought I would be.

Over summer, I heard a lot about makeup revolution, and the hype was unavoidable on YouTube, with “testing makeup revolution” videos and specific tutorials and reviews popping up all the time. I didn’t end up buying any of their eyeshadow palettes (and I don’t own any to this day) because there is too much choice for this little indecisive human. But I did pick up the ultra-cream contour palette, expecting it to be the miracle palette that changes my face from that of an 11-year-old boy, to a chiselled masterpiece. This was not the case. Although I used the palette non-stop for a while after I bought it, I thought it average at best.

However, after a long break from using this palette, I have recently started to pick it up more often. I really like the contour shades (although none of them are perfect so I normally use a blend of all three), and the previously untouched white shimmer highlighter is now one of my favourite highlight products.

Especially since going to university, and not wearing a full face of makeup every day, I use the lighter shades as concealer. Although they don’t have the best coverage (they are, after all, not intended to be concealers) they do a really good job if you are looking to throw on some makeup in a hurry. If the palette contained a product suitable for brows, you could pretty much do your full face using this palette alone.

This isn’t the biggest palette and the product looked very used after just a few weeks of using it (normally I make makeup products last for months before they begin to look empty) but I’ve chosen to keep using this palette rather than repurchasing it. Although Makeup Revolution is a cruelty free brand, this particular product is not vegan (as it contains beeswax) so i will not be buying this again. I also think i will steer away from cream contour products in future, and probably avoid kits as i don’t get that much use out of all the shades.

I definitely still have a love hate relationship with this product, but when used well it is a really good quality low cost product and has been celebrated as a successful dupe for the ABH Pro Series Contour Kit.


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