Going vegan

I always assumed that going vegan would be the most difficult and time consuming lifestyle choice that you could make. When i went vegetarian almost a year ago, i knew that i would never eat meat again. But looking forward, although i wanted to become vegan, i didn’t see it as a permanent lifestyle choice as i thought i would be losing so much.

But the opposite is true!

When i went vegetarian, i found myself eating a much wider variety of foods instantly, and this has happened again since becoming vegan. Although a lot of my favourite veggie products contain cheese, i’ve found that my diet has definitely expanded more than it has shrunk. The amount of basic, essential foods (fruit, veg, pasta, rice, bread, soy sauce, rice cakes, popcorn, potatoes) makes me wonder why i ever thought that going vegan would seriously restrict my diet.

My cooking skills were very, very limited, but since becoming vegan just a few weeks ago i’ve got so much more confidence with cooking!

The new foods i have fallen in love with since being vegan are: Alpro vanilla yogurt, PEANUT BUTTER, tofu, rice (i used to hate it) and Morrisons vegan burgers. The food i miss the least is definitely cheese! I have always loved cheese and managed to incorporate it in to every possible meal, but surprisingly, i am coping pretty well without it!

Some vegan alternatives are not readily available or affordable, cake being a good example, but there are so many affordable and simple vegan recipe books available online that it is easy to do it yourself. If you can’t find a vegan alternative to your favourite food, then make one! Also, for an occasional more expensive treat, many vegetarian cafes make amazing vegan cake!

To answer the often asked question, is it difficult to go vegan? My answer would definitely be no! Although i think it would be quite challenging to go vegan straight from eating meat, transitioning from vegetarian to vegan is so easy if you have the ethical determination!

Overall, i think it is probably more difficult to switch to vegan household/cosmetic items than it is with food. Of course, everyone is different, but i have found veganism 100,000 times more rewarding than difficult!


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