Superdrug shower

Superdrug’s essentials range is one of the best things in my life, without a doubt! It is so convenient to be able to pop into such a common high street store and pick up some shower essentials which are labelled cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

I used to use treaclemoon shower gel as it smells amazing and comes in such a great range of flavours. However, since moving to uni, i haven’t been able to shop at Tesco, and treaclemoon is not stocked at Morrisons. Instead, i switched to Original Source which is such a high quality, yet affordable, vegan shower gel with an increasing range of scents. However, i began to rely on it being on offer, or being stocked in poundland, for my little student budget to afford this. As such, i decided to give Superdrug’s own brand a try.

I already love Superdrug skincare so i new i would be impressed by their shower products too. Although the shower gels are already amazingly priced at 99p each, but when i went i store they were reduced to 66p. I picked up the Strawberry and Raspberry flavour, and the Cherry and Almond. I left the Cherry and Almond back at uni (although i already know it smells AMAZING) so i have only tried the Strawberry and Raspberry one. The smell is so fruity and summery and the product itself makes my skin feels so smooth and clean! For 99p, you cannot beat these products.

I use Dr. Organic lavender conditioner which has improved my hair so much in such a short time, but, although it is worth it, it is quite pricey so the lavender shampoo is a bit out of my league. The shampoo i was previously using was cruelty free but not vegan, so i decided to pop in to superdrug again to pick some up. Superdrug have many flavours of their ‘extracts’ shampoo for all hsir types (normal, damaged, coloured etc). When i was in superdrug the shampoo was buy one get one free, so i picked up Aloe Vera (unopened so far) and Raspberry and Macadamia nut. The Raspberry and Macadamia shampoo smells good enough to eat (although i wouldn’t advise that) and it has definitely made my hair feel softer!

Once again, superdrug have created really high quality products at low prices, all of which feature the leaping bunny logo and a statement saying ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans’ (although beware that some products are only suitable for vegetarians).


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