Makeup i used to hate- Mascara

Mascara is something i struggle to get along with in general. My eyelashes are quite naturally long, so i struggle to find a mascara that will lift them and inject the volume that i want. After Christmas, using a boots gift card that i received (Christmas Beauty Buys ) i purchased the Barry M Showgirl Extra Volume Black Mascara.

After trying this, i immediately wished i had read the reviews online first! All the reviews seemed to say the same thing: this mascara DOES NOT ADD VOLUME, which is the main claim of the product. Barry M offers another Showgirl mascara which claims to lengthen lashes, and i can’t imagine that there is that much difference between the two.

Originally, i was disappointed that this mascara only lengthened and darkened my lashes. The consistency of this product also means that, no matter how careful you are, it is difficult not to transfer the mascara  on to you eyelids and surrounding areas.

Although the metallic pink packaging with white text and stars is super pretty, i was still very disappointed with this product (but for £4.99, i guess my expectations were a little high).

However, since this is my only remaining mascara as all others have run out, and i have been reluctant to buy another as i will probably be disappointed again, i have had to persevere with this! Over the months, i can honestly say that i have grown to like this mascara!

To make this product more effective, i typically apply a generous first coat. I then continue with my makeup (brows and lips) before going in with a second generous coat of mascara. I find that the more layers you apply, once the first ones have dried, the most volume you can achieve with this product. I typically wait until my lashes are quite firm after 2 coats, then curl them. I then apply a final coat of product once my lashes have been curled, which adds a lot of volume.

Although it take quite a lot of commitment to achieve the volume (so this mascara is not for those who apply makeup in a hurry) it is definitely build-able, and once curled, this product holds my lashes in a good position. Despite not being waterproof, i have found that this mascara is pretty smudge resistant (which is especially beneficial if you find yourself needing to apply a lot of layers).

While this mascara doesn’t exactly do what it says on the tin, with a little patience and perseverance, volume can be achieved. This, overall, makes this mascara one of the more effective products that i’ve tried. Barry M are a great, affordable cruelty-free brand and, coming in at just £4.99, this mascara would be great for beginners, or people favouring length and colour over volume. The packaging alone is pretty enough to make this product worth it!



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