Affordable vegan- Morrisons Haul

Morrisons is definitely not my shop of choice, I much prefer tesco. But at uni, Morrisons and Aldi are all that i have on my doorstep. Since becoming vegan, i have loved discovering Morrisons Own vegan food, and the other brands they stock.

I would say Morrisons are probably the best for cheap vegan frozen food. Unlike Tesco, their own brand vegetarian burgers and vegetarian sausages are both vegan (and clearly labelled). They are each £1.50 for a pack of 6, which is amazing value compared to more expensive brands like Quorn and Linda McCartney. Another new discovery of mine is the the Morrisons free from falafel (Gluten free) which comes in Mediterranean and Morrocon flavours. The falafel is £1.32 for a pack of 9 (sometimes reduced if about to go off- which is great because i freeze falafel anyway!). This is by far the best falafel i have tasted, and is only 3p more than Aldi’s equivalent.

Alpro vanilla yogurt is probably the first specifically vegan product that i fell in love with! The strong vanilla flavour is reminiscent of ice cream, without the sickly sweetness. Although Alpro is not the most affordable brand (and may pose ethical questions after recently being bought by a dairy company), Morrisons often has the vanilla and plain yogurt on offer at £1.

Morrisons own dark chocolate is also vegan, unlike Tesco’s everyday value chocolate. A 100g block of dark chocolate costs just 30p and tastes amazing! I am not much of a chocolate snob and don’t look into things like cocoa content, but i would definitely buy this cheap block over Bourneville, any day!

Unfortunately, Morrisons don’t do their own brand of Chia seeds so the ones availabe are more than double the price of Tesco’s own, but the other seeds at morrisons are quite good value. I picked up these pumpkin and sesame seeds (both around 80p each), after looking through the variety of seeds and nuts that Morrisons’ market street brand offers, Although seeds aren’t the most affordable item, these packs last me a really long time (unless i’m baking) so they are definitely worth the money.

I was recently very happy to discover, in the wholefoods aisle, that Morrisons (amongst other supermarkets) have started stocking the Eat Real ‘crisps’. I’ve only previously seen these at Holland and Barrett for 80p each, but Morrisons sell them for 68p so i gave them a go! Although these hummus crisps were quite bland (definitely inferior to the lentil crisps i picked up in my Affordable vegan- Aldi haul) but i am looking forward to trying the ‘cheesy’ quinoa puffs.

Overall, despite the price of Quorn and Cauldron products (which are much lower at other supermarkets) Morrisons is a good option for affordable vegan food! Their dark chocolate, in particular, stands out to me!



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