Full coverage cruelty free foundation??

After seeing the hype on youtube, mainly from Sophdoesnails, i decided to purchase Dermacol foundation.

Dermacol is typically used as a theatre foundation to provide a high coverage base. Dermacol comes in a wide variety of shades, and claims that it can be used to change skin tone and cover tattoos (evidence of this can be found online).

My skin is far from perfect, but i’ve never found an affordable, high coverage foundation that is actually high coverage. Dermacol is available on eBay (i got mine for £8.48, although some sellers provide it for a lot cheaper, but there are a lot of fakes around so i went for one of the more expensive ones) and 100% cruelty free. There are no obviously non-vegan ingredients listed (such as beeswax) but i have struggled to find anyone blogging/ asking if this product is completely vegan friendly. Nevertheless, i purchased it anyway.

I can’t recall another time that i’ve ever bought foundation online, so i was very wary about the shade not matching my skin tone. I went for the shade 208, which, despite not being the lightest, looked a lot lighter and less pink toned online. This shade is such a perfect match for my pale skin!

And as for being full coverage? Well yes, this is definitely true! I normally apply colour corrector, then foundation followed by concealer, but with this foundation the colour corrector and concealer are not needed! While the coverage of the foundation cannot be questioned (and a little goes a very long way!) the overall finish is not of the highest quality. The product tends to go patchy, particularly on my forehead, and collect in pores giving me very vivid year 8 foundation disaster flashbacks! However, without looking too closely at the skin, the coverage that this foundation provides definitely makes up for the quality.

The product itself comes in a little cardboard box, containing some information on the product. The info includes directions for use, which recommends using a primer/base and setting powder also from dermacol. Although i haven’t tried these other products, i expect the use of these would give the foundation a much better overall finish. The use of loose translucent powder would probably also work better than coloured pressed powder.

All in all, i am very impressed with this product! For just £8.48 i have received an amazingly full coverage foundation which is a perfect match for my skin tone. Despite not being leaping bunny certified, the description on eBay emphasised the fact that this product is cruelty free and this claim can also be certified by dermacol. If you are looking for a high coverage, cruelty free bargain then this is the product for you!


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