B. liquid lipstick review

B. is Superdrug’s own makeup brand, offering completely cruelty free and vegan makeup at amazing prices! I have never used a B. product before, but have been interested in the brand for a while. However, when it came to purchasing the brand, this proved difficult since no superdrug stores stocked it. I later found out that the brand was being completely relaunched, and after waiting what seemed like a lifetime, this finally happened at the end of May.

Having bought quite a lot of makeup recently, there wasn’t much i really needed from B. I am overrun with foundation and eyeshadow currently! But you can never have too many liquid lipsticks. I went for the shades In The Buff, a gorgeous nude colour (as the name suggests) and Ravenous, which is a lovely dark purple shade. Both cost £6.99.

After a stressful wait for them to arrive (accidentally having them dispatched to my home address instead of my uni address was heartbreaking) i started using these products straight away. And i have to say….

I’m disappointed.

In the Buff is a lovely shade (you can’t got wrong with a nude!) but in terms of consistency and formula, i prefer my (much cheaper ) w7 Two Bob (review: W7 lip cream review ). However, the more disappointing of the two is definitely Ravenous! Although the swatches look divine, the product is not the most pigmented and looks really patchy on the lips, leaving a very uneven colour.

Although these products are matte lip colours, they never dry down completely, so they are not transfer proof and feel a bit sticky. With careful application, and multiple layers in the case of the darker colour, these liquid lipsticks can give good colour pay off, but the texture and consistency is not to my liking.

I really wanted to love these products, as a i know that a lot of people do, but i don’t think i will be purchasing any more of these B. liquid lipsticks. I am, however, very excited to try the rest of the new B. range and, as usual, i am so grateful to Superdrug for providing a readily available and affordable vegan cosmetic option!


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