Makeup revolution haul

A few weeks ago i placed rather a large order on superdrug. This was the first time i’ve ever ordered from superdrug online, since the store near me is quite large, and i prefer to try makeup before i buy.

Despite seeing so much hype about Makeup Revolution (and sister brand, Freedom) i haven’t actually tried that many of their products. Always on the lookout for a good highlight, and recently craving a blusher, i gave them a try!

I picked up their strobe highlighter in the shade Flash for £3. The beautiful, swirled pattern of the highlight makes it a gorgeous looking product, and the shade, being almost white, it perfect for pale skin. I was surprised how pigmented this highlighter was for such a cheap product, and i’d say in terms of quality is surpasses my beloved MUA highlights (of the same price).

One downside of buying makeup online, is you can never truly tell the shade. Although this highlight appears to be a dazzling white shade, it is actually tinged with a holographic green colour. This is more noticeable when the product is applied. This colour has really grown on me (although i’d much rather it was plain white or holographic blue, rather than green) and has become one of my go to highlights!

I’ve never really used blush before, but recently had a craving for it. Again, buying online means you don’t get a true indication of shade. I was looking for an almost highlight-y coral blush but the one i got is a lot more pink than expected.

I went for MUR Vivid Baked Blusher in the shade ‘All I Think About Is You’ (£2.50). Although not as glowy as i’d like, this blusher provides a perfect, subtle colour to my face, and achieves the desired effect if mixed with a bit of pink highlighter. I use this product almost daily and have definitely entered the world of blusher!

The final MUR product i picked up is actually from their sister brand, Freedom. I know some superdrug stores stock Freedom, but i am yet to find it in real life, so i explored all of their products online.

I was eager to pick up a lighter contour shade than i currently use. I’ve heard a lot about Freedom’s contour shades, but online the shades had completely different numbers to the ones i’ve heard people talk about. Instead, i went for a little contour kit, with a contour shade and matte highlight. The Freedom Pro Contour Kit in ‘Fair’ (£3.50) is perfect for my very pale skin tone, and so pigmented that one tap in the contour shade is all it takes. This product is such good quality, i will definitely be trying more Freedom products soon!


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