Ethical gift guide || Uncommongoods

I’ll admit, i have already started buying Christmas presents. It just makes sense to spread the cost and drag the festive joy out for as long as possible!

My emphasis over the last few weeks has been on making more ethical fashion choices, and thinking about the ethics of the companies that i am putting money into. But this extends further than fashion. Although your family and friends may not be as conscious of where their material possessions come from, Christmas and birthdays give you opportunities to discover unique (and sustainable) gifts!

Enter: Uncommongoods. I am a sucker for an original gift that won’t be found in any high street store, but to find something affordable from an environmentally conscious brand? Perfect!

Uncommongoods not only focus on improving sustainability and using recycled materials (and NO animal products- feathers, leather etc), they also focus on the people working for them by paying a fair wage and providing health insurance to their employees. It all makes you feel just a bit less sad about all the money you’ll be spending on other people, doesn’t it?

source: uncommongoods

Buying for women can be an uphill battle. From my mum, to my housemates, no two women in my life would appreciate the same gift, so finding a whole range of original and unique gifts for women all in one place saves so much time. From homeware haulers to cocktail lovers, there is something for everyone (and even a few literary pieces for book lovers, which i may end up gifting to myself!).

So buying for women is a struggle, but buying for men?! Where do you even begin? Well, you could always start by scrolling through the endless quirky gift ideas   for men. You can be guaranteed to find something they don’t already own, and you’re not going to break the bank either. This will be perfect for finding my dad’s present, as I never know what I’m looking for!

source: uncommongoods

Want to know the best part? The Uncommongoods Better To Give programme allows you to donate to a charity of your choice as you shop. Although Christmases and birthdays often centre around commercialisation, it is possible to be festive AND ethical. You might even inspire some of your gift recipients to shop more sustainably in future!


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