HAUL: Even more second hand clothes!

Following my vow to boycott all fast fashion companies in an attempt to shop more ethically and consciously, I have found so many gems in charity shops! I know some people really struggle with shopping second hand and finding something that fits their style, but I have been so lucky to find some clothes that I love!

I bought this sweatshirt for £3.49 when I saw it after getting back to uni. The grainy texture of the print really caught my eye and I love the fox design/logo wear the shoulder! This jumper is so casual and I’ve been wearing it constantly with leggings and jeans. I’ve never heard of the brand before but the fabric feels really high quality.

Secondly, I bought this pair of dark grey shorts. As soon as I get up in the morning I tend to through on a cropped jump and a pair of shorts. These are perfect for working out inside in the mornings if I’m not going for a run. These are originally from H&M and are a size small, leaving them a little too baggy for me since I usually go for extra small. I was really disappointed when I first tried these on and saw the size, but for £2 you can’t really go wrong!

On the same day, I bought this beautiful, light pink skirt with zip detail on the front, for only £2.99. The skirt is from misguided and had the original tags on in the shop so had obviously never been worn. I fell in love with the colour and I can really never have enough skirts, can I? The material is quite thick so this skirt will be lovely as it gets colder. I was a bit disappointed when I tried this skirts on: it’s a size 8, which unfortunately left it too big around my waist, so it hung down at an unattractive length, but now that I have found something to pair this with I am excited to start wearing it.

On a sperate occasion I bought this little brown/dark mustard top (showing up quite dark on this photo). This was £2.79 and originally from new look. At size 10, it is quite big for me and the top itself is very plain, but I bought it with the intention of ‘up cycling it’ by embroiding a little cactus on it. I am yet to attempt this but I’m excited to see how well it will turn out!

My final, and most exciting, purchase was this denim jacket! My aim in the charity shops was to find a denim jacket and I was surprised by how difficult that was proving to be. But finally I found one, and fell in love with it. I’d imagined something longer but the length of the jacket no longer bothers me since I’ve been wearing black jeans a lot lately. I love the faded colour of the denim around the pockets! This jacket is a size 12 and fits perfectly over what I’m wearing, without looking hideously oversized. It’s quite lightweight and from a brand called quarry jeans. This jacket only cost me £6.50 and I am so happy with it!

Charity shops can be the perfect places to find clothes you’ll love at amazing prices! And the money you do spend will be going to support the amazing work done by charities, rather than the massive high street corporations that use the money you pay to continue exploiting their workers in sweatshops.

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