Benefits of going makeup free

I recently posted about quitting makeup, and I think it's hard to understand or appreciate the benefits that it will bring without trying it yourself. This post will discuss the personal, and more political, benefits of going makeup free. Clearer Skin When going makeup free I didn't think it would make that much of a … Continue reading Benefits of going makeup free


The Real Housewives of ISIS

On Tuesday night, the show "Revolting" appeared on BBC 2. While, for the most part, this show was an amusing political satire focusing on contemporary politics in the UK, one section of this political sketch show presented four women who had recently traveled to Syria, to become the 'real housewives of isis'. Naturally, this … Continue reading The Real Housewives of ISIS

Social Darwinism and Contemporary Politics

Social Darwinism (not actually supported by Charles Darwin) was a term generated by philosopher and biologist Herbert Spencer, and aims to link biological principles of natural selection to political and sociological ideas. Social Darwinians do not believe in the welfare system, but prefer the idea that you should survive off the wealth of your family … Continue reading Social Darwinism and Contemporary Politics