Fair(er) Trade

The fair-trade logo has become universally recognisable! Often associated with bananas, coffee and chocolate, the fair-trade movement is a conscious objective to provide fairer conditions and pay for the people in the developing world involved in our food production. While many people rely on the fair-trade logo to tell them their food has been sourced … Continue reading Fair(er) Trade


Political partners?

I have recently a lot of discussion about political opinions in relationships and this is something I definitely have opinions about! Although I am probably one of the least experienced 20 year olds in existence when it comes to relationships, I have witnessed first hand how destructive opposing political opinions can be in a friendship. … Continue reading Political partners?

The Real Housewives of ISIS

On Tuesday night, the show "Revolting" appeared on BBC 2. While, for the most part, this show was an amusing political satire focusing on contemporary politics in the UK, one section of this political sketch show presented four women who had recently traveled to Syria, to become the 'real housewives of isis'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOB6UDC-67w Naturally, this … Continue reading The Real Housewives of ISIS